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The only way out is through

Life can get pretty messy and complicated and scary at times, can’t it? Just like being in the middle of an improv scene when you aren’t quite sure where it is going. I know every improviser can relate to that … Continue reading

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Why I Blog

I have family visiting this week, so I am a little too unfocused to write a lot. I have had a metablog entry growing in my head for a while now, so I think this is a perfect time to … Continue reading

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Help Me Obi-Watts, you’re my only hope.

About two months ago I discovered a podcast series of Alan Watts recordings. If you don’t know who Alan Watts is you can find more information about him here. Briefly, he was a Englishman who moved to California, embraced Zen and Taoist … Continue reading

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What to do with scene suck

It’s easy to be a believer when life is good. As a Tao-nitarian (religiously, I’m bi–spiritual, I go both ways), it’s effortless for me to follow the way of the universe when everything’s going my way. I’m here because I … Continue reading

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Pooh Speaks

Being something of a nerd (I like to think I am nerd-chic), I have read a lot of books about improv. Here’s one I read a long time ago, but just recently reread.  To my surprise I found it chock-full … Continue reading

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