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Aw man! I wish I wrote this.

Originally posted on JasonChinFTW:
Always heighten the last move. Strengthen the relationship by making eye contact. Avoid transaction scenes. If you’re always high status, try playing low status once in a while… You might like it! The characters should know…

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You cannot control your scene partner

Many years ago in a show one of my teammates looked over toward me and called, “Wench! Oh Wench.” Naturally I rushed the stage. “Yes,” I called in my best falsetto. I pushed up my “breasts” and batted my eye suggestively. … Continue reading

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Deck the halls with control and status

It constantly amazes me what life can teach me about improv, and what improv can teach me about life. Take the holidays for example (Please! – to bastardize a famous joke). This is a time of year that is usually … Continue reading

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