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What to do with scene suck

It’s easy to be a believer when life is good. As a Tao-nitarian (religiously, I’m bi–spiritual, I go both ways), it’s effortless for me to follow the way of the universe when everything’s going my way. I’m here because I … Continue reading

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What is the nature of improv?

There are probably as many theories/ideas/concepts about improv as there are improvisers. To my way of thinking, improvisers tend to fall into one of three camps: The Spoliners:  Improv is primarily about being in the moment and getting out of … Continue reading

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Improv books I think are the sh*t

A short list in no particular order: The Improv Handbook – Tom Salinsky and Deborah Frances-White How to Improvise a Full-Length Play – Kenn Adams Impro For Storytellers – Keith Johnstone Acting On Impulse – Carol Hazenfield Improvise – Mick … Continue reading

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Pooh Speaks

Being something of a nerd (I like to think I am nerd-chic), I have read a lot of books about improv. Here’s one I read a long time ago, but just recently reread.  To my surprise I found it chock-full … Continue reading

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