Graduation Speech, Improv Style

‘Tis the graduating season. This past month my wife was contacted by an old grade school classmate, Kevin. It seems that 25 years ago she and he delivered co-Eighth Grade Graduation speeches. His task was to talk about the past, and her’s was to talk about the future.

Flash forward and Kevin is now a high school teacher. He contacted my wife because he was asked to give the graduation speech to the seniors at his school this year and he wanted her to participate via video. With the magic of modern technology, my wife obliged with this:

Today’s Improvmantra: Don’t forget the “And.”


About improvmantra

What is an improv mantra? An improv mantra is a phrase you repeat to yourself just before you go on stage, and continue to keep in your mind while you are in a scene. An effective mantra makes you a better improviser. Todd Erler, like all living creatures, has been doing improv every day since he was born. He has been performing improv on stage for more than 20 years. He is a teacher, writer, musicain, director, actor, and member of The Portable Reality Show.
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