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Shut up already

Improv can be beautiful and elegant, but it can also be really damn loud. Improvisers are a wordy bunch. Go to almost any show in any city and you can pretty much “watch” whatever improv show with your eyes closed … Continue reading

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Out with the CROW in with the AEIOU

For many years, I taught CROW (Character, Relationship, Objective, Where) to beginning improvisers. This was something that I was originally taught and it seemed good. Unfortunately, teaching CROW — while it sounds like a great way to get scenes off … Continue reading

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Aw man! I wish I wrote this.

Originally posted on JasonChinFTW:
Always heighten the last move. Strengthen the relationship by making eye contact. Avoid transaction scenes. If you’re always high status, try playing low status once in a while… You might like it! The characters should know…

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Surprise me

I’ve been performing improv for a long time. This is my 22nd year of being in an improv troupe. I have done Short Form, Harolds, Theater Sports, created my own long forms, etc, etc, etc. I am not saying this … Continue reading

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