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You cannot control your scene partner

Many years ago in a show one of my teammates looked over toward me and called, “Wench! Oh Wench.” Naturally I rushed the stage. “Yes,” I called in my best falsetto. I pushed up my “breasts” and batted my eye suggestively. … Continue reading

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Games for the sleep deprived

After my last post – World’s Worst Dad – I received a number of emails from people who were concerned that I was either: Crazy Neurotic Charlie Sheen Many of these messages contained pleasant reminders to relax and affirmations that … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Dad

I am a worrier. I know people who read this blog (and those of you who actually know me) will be shocked by the above statement. I am so good at hiding the perpetual wrinkles in my forehead, and my … Continue reading

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It’s About The Skills

I am a teacher. I currently teach 3rd and 4th grade, although I have taught 5th, 7th, and a little High School. Here are two basic things you learn as a teacher about rules: Always state any rule in the … Continue reading

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