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Deck the halls with control and status

It constantly amazes me what life can teach me about improv, and what improv can teach me about life. Take the holidays for example (Please! – to bastardize a famous joke). This is a time of year that is usually … Continue reading

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What are your intentions?

My yoga teacher starts each class the same way each time by instructing us to set our intention for our practice that day. In Yoga one sets one’s intention focus his energy. If, for example, I set my intention to … Continue reading

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I am afraid of many things. I don’t mean the kind of paralyzing fear that mental health professionals label “phobias,” but neither do I mean the common everyday fears that those same experts might label “normal.” Not Afraid I guess … Continue reading

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The twin joys of improv (Or, who do you love?)

There you are. The show is over. The lights are on you. The audience is applauding, hooting, whistling. They loved you. You kicked ass! You are the improv ruler of the universe. Feels good, don’t it? Approval. We all crave … Continue reading

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