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Help Me Obi-Watts, you’re my only hope.

About two months ago I discovered a podcast series of Alan Watts recordings. If you don’t know who Alan Watts is you can find more information about him here. Briefly, he was a Englishman who moved to California, embraced Zen and Taoist … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Start The Music!

I literally grew up with the Muppets, from Sesame Street, to The Muppet Show, to The Dark Crystal and Yoda. At one point in my life my dad banned TV in our household. Banned it! I missed MASH, I missed The … Continue reading

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What to do with scene suck

It’s easy to be a believer when life is good. As a Tao-nitarian (religiously, I’m bi–spiritual, I go both ways), it’s effortless for me to follow the way of the universe when everything’s going my way. I’m here because I … Continue reading

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What is the nature of improv?

There are probably as many theories/ideas/concepts about improv as there are improvisers. To my way of thinking, improvisers tend to fall into one of three camps: The Spoliners:  Improv is primarily about being in the moment and getting out of … Continue reading

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I am a closet waffler

I find that improv brings out the best and the worst in people. Regardless, it certainly brings out what lies just beneath the surface of your thoughts. How could it not? The very action of “saying the first thing that … Continue reading

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In which I complain about complaining

As improvisers we know that we must live out the stories we create on stage. What I mean is that when I am creating a scene on stage, or telling a story, I live the characters and situations I create. … Continue reading

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