Last Night’s Show…

… was great! An hour and a half of unscripted murder mystery/suspense theater.

We started with the date 1999, from the audience.


Four actors on stage with a couch and a couple of chairs.

In the first act we discovered that we were all employees of James, the stiff on the floor, and that we were trapped in his futuristic mansion on the eve of the new millennium, forced to stay in a locked room with a dead man until midnight struck and the automatic locks reset.

It quickly became two against two as Thomas and Mr. Charman, two jaded, long time employees, sided against Tina, James’ personal secretary, and Kevin, the new IT guy.

Accusations flew along with jibes about Y2K, as one after another we turned on each other. The first act ended with us discovering a video camera in the air shaft. The murder had been filmed, and we could watch it all on the computer in this very room!

In the second act Thomas screwed up the playback on the camera, causing everyone to assume he was the killer. All eyes turned to Mr. Charman, when we discovered that he knew James was about to fire him. Next, it was revealed that Tina had broken off her affair with Kevin two years ago, to cozy up to the boss, and suddenly Tina seemed to be the logical suspect.

Kevin managed to pull an image from the camera of a tall bald figure killing James, and eyes returned to Mr. Charman, the tallest, and baldest of the suspects. But, wait, Mr. Charman announced that he was in fact Chad, James’s long hidden son, and that he had already embezzled millions from James. Hot on the heels of this revelation, Chad / Charman accosted Kevin, and RIPPED OFF HIS WIG!

Gasp! Kevin was the murderer. He had killed James in a fit of jealous rage. As midnight struck and the characters dragged Kevin out to face the police, he continued to be convinced that Tina would wait out his prison sentence and they would be together at last.

He would be waiting a long time. In hell!


About improvmantra

What is an improv mantra? An improv mantra is a phrase you repeat to yourself just before you go on stage, and continue to keep in your mind while you are in a scene. An effective mantra makes you a better improviser. Todd Erler, like all living creatures, has been doing improv every day since he was born. He has been performing improv on stage for more than 20 years. He is a teacher, writer, musicain, director, actor, and member of The Portable Reality Show.
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