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The Quest – or why I am a narrative improviser

When improvisers become bored with shortform improv they do one of two things, quit improvising, or begin looking for a different way to improvise. I have done both in the past. At first, when I got tired of shortform, I … Continue reading

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In The Beginning…

In the beginning there was Spolin and Spolin created improv activities. And it was good. They helped seasoned actors explore, and become more real on stage and helped young actors understand how this whole Acting thing worked. And the improviser was born. Then … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Show…

… was great! An hour and a half of unscripted murder mystery/suspense theater. We started with the date 1999, from the audience. Party! Four actors on stage with a couch and a couple of chairs. In the first act we … Continue reading

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Shameless Plug

Let me just take a moment to say how much I love my improv group. I work with four very dedicated, talented, fun, giving, and risky improvisers. This is our show this weekend: Think Agatha Christie improv. Four actors, one location, two … Continue reading

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Past shows of The Portable Reality Show (Yep, I’m being shameless)

A Depression Era Busby Berkeley Musical. Including songs, dances, and full group chorus numbers. A series of stories based on the fabulous county in which we live. A rootin’, tootin’ Singing Cowboy musical. A feel-good Christmas Musical. A creepy classic … Continue reading

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We are all afraid

We are all afraid. Everyone everywhere is afraid of something. Fear is as basic a human emotion as love, anger, or sadness. Before we had speech we had fear. And yet, improv (and all art, really) is about pushing the … Continue reading

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Fear Kills Improv

Fear kills improv. Although it might seem paradoxical, most (if not all) improv you see or participate in is controlled by and hampered by fear. Fear is a biological fact. We all feel it, and if any improviser claims that … Continue reading

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